Richard Twyman's Publications

Research articles

Roelfs KU, Känel A, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Schulze Gronover C (2024) Epigenetic variation in early and late flowering plants of the rubber-producing Russian dandelion Taraxacum koksaghyz provides insights into the regulation of flowering time. Scientific Reports 14 (1) 4283.  DOI

Schmidt FJ, Grundmann L, Lahme M, Seidemann M, Schwarze A, Lichtenauer S, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2024) COL2-dependent photoperiodic floral induction in Nicotiana sylvestris seems to be lost in the N. sylvestris × N. tomentosiformis hybrid N. tabacum. Frontiers in Plant Science 14, 1249879.  DOI

Sobrino-Mengual G, Alvarez D, Twyman RM, Gerrish C, Fraser PD, Capell T, Christou P (2024) Activation of the native PHYTOENE SYNTHASE 1 promoter by modifying near-miss cis-acting elements induces carotenoid biosynthesis in embryogenic rice callus. Plant Cell Reports 43 (5) 118.  DOI

Muñoz-Basagoiti J, Monteiro FLL, Krumpe LRH, Armario-Najera V, Shenoy SR, Perez-Zsolt D, Westgarth HJ, Villorbina G, Bomfim LM, Raïch-Regué D, Nogueras L, Henrich CJ, Gallemí M, Moreira FRR, Torres P, Wilson J, D’arc M, Marfil S, Herlinger AL, Pradenas E, Higa LM, Otin MP, Trinité B, Twyman RM, Capell T, Tanuri A, Blanco J, Useros NI, Rech EL, Christou P, O’Keefe BR (2023) Cyanovirin-N binds to select SARS-CoV2 Spike oligosaccharides outside of the receptor binding domain and blocks infection by SARS-CoV2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 120 (10) e2214561120.  DOI

Riekötter J, Oklestkova J, Muth J, Twyman RM, Epping J (2023) Transcriptomic analysis of Chinese yam (Dioscorea polystachya Turcz.) variants indicates brassinosteroid involvement in tuber development. Frontiers in Nutrition 10, 1112793.  DOI

Wolters SM, Benninghaus VA, Roelfs KU, van Deenen N, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Schulze Gronover C (2023) Overexpression of a pseudo-etiolated-in-light-like protein in Taraxacum koksaghyz leads to a pale green phenotype and enables transcriptome-based network analysis of photomorphogenesis and isoprenoid biosynthesis. Frontiers in Plant Science 14, 1228961.  DOI

Zhou XR, Beier S, Brilhaus D, Martins Rodrigues C, Mühlhaus T, von Suchodoletz D, Twyman RM, Usadel B, Kranz A (2023) DataPLAN: A web-based data management plan generator for the plant sciences. Data 8 (11) 159.  DOI

Känel P, Noll GA, Schroedter K, Naffin E, Kronenberg J, Busswinkel F, Twyman RM, Klämbt C, Prüfer D (2022) The tobacco phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein NtFT4 increases the lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster by interacting with the proteostasis network. Aging 25 (7) 635–643.  DOI

Rose J, Brand I, Bilstein-Schloemer M, Jachimska B, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2022) The Ca2+ response of a smart forisome protein is dependent on polymerization. Protein Science 341 (3) 602–612.  DOI

Schnieder N, Känel A, Zimmermann M, Kriebs K, Witte A, Wrobel LS, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Furch ACU, Noll GA (2022) So similar yet so different: the distinct contributions of extrafascicular and fascicular phloem to transport and exudation in cucumber plants. Journal of Plant Physiology 271, 153643.  DOI

Wieghaus A, Roelfs KU, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Schulze Gronover C (2022) Comparative transcriptome analysis in Taraxacum koksaghyz to identify genes that determine root volume and root length. Frontiers in Genetics 12, 784883.  DOI

Kronenberg J, Schrödter K, Noll GA, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Känel P (2021) The tobacco phosphatidylethanolamine-binding protein NtFT4 simultaneously improves vitality, growth and protein yield in human cells. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 118 (10) 3770–3786.  DOI

Rose J, Müller B, Groscurth S, Giese J, Eirich J, Finkemeier I, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2021) The functionality of plant mechanoproteins (forisomes) is dependent on the dual role of conserved cysteine residues. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 193 (B) 1332–1339.  DOI

Edgü G, Freund LJ, Hartje S, Tacke E, Hofferbert HR, Twyman RM, Noll GA, Muth J, Prüfer D (2020) Fast, precise and reliable methods for the on-site multiplex detection of potato viruses. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (22) 8741.  DOI

Rose J, Visser F, Müller B, Senft M, Groscurth S, Sicking KF, Twyman RM, Prüfer, Noll GA (2020) Identification and molecular analysis of interaction sites in the MtSEO-F1 protein involved in forisome assembly. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 144, 603–614.  DOI

Schmidt FJ, Zimmermann MM, Lichtenauer S, Wiedmann DR, Grundmann L, Muth J, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2020) The major floral promoter NtFT5 in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) is a promising target for crop improvement. Frontiers in Plant Science 10, 1666.  DOI


Zimmermann MM, Grundmann L, Känel A, Schwarze A, Wiedmann DR, Muth J, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2022) Unraveling the mystery behind the short-day-specific flowering of tobacco cultivar Maryland Mammoth. bioRxiv 2022.06.27.497884.  DOI

Jin X, Bai C, Bassie L, Nogareda C, Romagosa I, Twyman RM, Christou P, Zhu C (2019) ZmPBF and ZmGAMYB transcription factors independently transactivate the promoter of the maize (Zea mays) β-carotene hydroxylase 2 gene. New Phytologist 222 (2) 793–804.  DOI

Mir-Artigues P, Twyman RM, Alvarez D, Cerda P, Balcells M, Christou P, Capell T (2019) A simplified techno-economic model for the molecular pharming of antibodies. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 116 (10) 2526–2539.  DOI

Beinecke FA, Grundmann L, Wiedmann DR, Schmidt FJ, Caesar AS, Zimmermann M, Lahme M, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2018) The FT/FD-dependent initiation of flowering under long-day conditions in the day-neutral species Nicotiana tabacum originates from the facultative short-day ancestor N. tomentosiformis. The Plant Journal 96 (2) 329–342.  DOI

Unland K, Pütter K, Vorwerk K, van Deenen N, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Schulze Gronover C (2018) Functional characterization of squalene synthase and squalene epoxidase in Taraxacum koksaghyz. Plant Direct 2 (6) e00063.  DOI

Vamvaka E, Farré G, Molinos-Albert LM, Evans A, Canela-Xandri A, Twyman RM, Carrillo J, Ordóñez RA, Shattock RJ, O’Keefe BR, Clotet B, Blanco J, Khush GS, Christou P, Capell T (2018) Unexpected synergistic HIV neutralization by a triple microbicide produced in rice endosperm. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 115 (33) E7854E7862.  DOI

Moreno JA, Díaz-Gómez J, Nogareda C, Angulo E, Sandmann G, Portero-Otin M, Serrano JCE, Twyman RM, Capell T, Zhu C, Christou P (2016) The distribution of carotenoids in hens fed on biofortified maize is influenced by feed composition, absorption, resource allocation and storage. Scientific Reports 6, 35346.  DOI 

Vamvaka E, Twyman RM, Murad AM, Melnik S, Teh AYH, Arcalis E, Altmann F, Stoger E, Rech E, Ma JKC, Christou P, Capell T (2016) Rice endosperm produces an underglycosylated and potent form of the HIV-neutralizing monoclonal antibody 2G12. Plant Biotechnology Journal 14 (1) 97–108.  DOI

Epping J, van Deenen N, Niephaus E, Stolze A, Fricke J, Huber C, Eisenreich W, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Schulze Gronover C (2015) A rubber transferase activator is necessary for natural rubber biosynthesis in dandelion. Nature Plants 1, 15048.  DOI

Laibach N, Hillebrand A, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Schulze Gronover C (2015) Identification of a rubber elongation factor protein in Taraxacum brevicorniculatum which is localized on rubber particles and promotes rubber biosynthesis. The Plant Journal 82 (4) 609–620.  DOI

Ma JKC, Drossard J, Lewis D, Altmann F, Boyle J, Christou P, Cole T, Dale P, van Dolleweerd CJ, Isitt V, Katinger D, Lobedan M, Mertens H, Paul MJ, Rademacher T, Sack M, Hundleby PAC, Stiegler G, Stoger E, Twyman RM, Vcelar B, Fischer R (2015) Regulatory approval and a first-in-human phase I clinical trial of a monoclonal antibody produced in transgenic tobacco plants. Plant Biotechnology Journal 13 (8) 1106–1120.  DOI

Rahnamaeian M, Cytrynska M, Zdybicka-Barabas A, Dobslaff K, Twyman RM, Züchner T, Sadd B, Regoes R, Schmid-Hempel P, Vilcinskas A (2015) Insect antimicrobial peptides show potentiating functional interactions against Gram-negative bacteria. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1806) 20150293.  DOI

Shukla S, Eber FJ, Nagarajan AS, DiFranco NA, Schmidt N, Wen AM, Eiben S, Twyman RM, Wege C, Steinmetz NF (2015) The impact of aspect ratio on the biodistribution and tumor homing of rigid soft-matter nanorods. Advanced Healthcare Materials 4 (6) 874–882.  DOI

Groscurth S, Müller B, Vissier F, Blob B, Menzel M, Rüping BA, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2014) Uncertain role of MtSEO-F3 in assembly of Medicago truncatula forisomes. Plant Signaling and Behavior 9 (9) e29581.  DOI

Häkkinen ST, Raven N, Henquet M, Laukkanen ML, Anderlei T, Pitkänen JP, Twyman RM, Bosch D, Oksman-Caldentey KM, Schillberg S, Ritala A (2014) Molecular farming in tobacco hairy roots by triggering the secretion of a pharmaceutical antibody. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 111 (2) 336–346.  DOI

Müller B, Groscurth S, Rüping BA, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2014) Molecular and ultrastructural analysis of forisome subunits reveals the principles of forisome assembly. Annals of Botany 113 (7) 1121–1137.  DOI

Post J, Eisenreich W, Huber C, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Schulze Gronover C (2014) Establishment of an ex vivo laticifer cell suspension culture from Taraxacum brevicorniculatum as a production system for cis-isoprene. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic 103, 85–93.  DOI

Zielonka S, Ernst AM, Hawat S, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2014) Characterization of five subgroups of the sieve element occlusion gene family in Glycine max reveals genes encoding non-forisome P-proteins, forisomes and forisome tails. Plant Molecular Biology 86 (1–2) 51–67.  DOI

Fricke J, Hillebrand A, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Gronover CS (2013) Abscisic acid-dependent regulation of small rubber particle protein gene expression in Taraxacum brevicorniculatum is mediated by TbbZIP1.1. Plant and Cell Physiology 54 (4) 448–464.  DOI

Grünwald S, Stellzig J, Adam IV, Weber K, Binger S, Boll M, Knorr E, Twyman RM, Vilcinskas A, Wenzel U (2013) Longevity in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum is enhanced by broccoli and depends on nrf-2jnk-1 and foxo-1 homologous genes. Genes and Nutrition 8 (5) 439–448.  DOI

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Ernst AM, Jekat SB, Zielonka S, Müller B, Neumann U, Rüping B, Twyman RM, Krzyzanek V, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2012) Sieve element occlusion (SEO) genes encode structural phloem proteins involved in wound sealing of the phloem. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109 (28) E1980–E1989.  DOI

Groscurth S, Müller B, Schwan S, Menzel M, Diekstall F, Senft M, Kendall A, Kommor BA, Neumann U, Kalischuk M, Kawchuk LM, Krzyzanek V, Heilmann A, Stubbs G, Twyman RM, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2012) Artificial forisomes – an ideal model system to study the assembly and reactivity of a macromolecular plant mechanoprotein. Biomacromolecules 13 (10) 3076–3086.  DOI

Harig L, Beinecke FA, Oltmanns J, Muth J, Müller O, Rüping B, Twyman RM, Fischer R, Prüfer D, Noll GA (2012) Proteins from the FLOWERING LOCUS T-like subclade of the PEBP family act antagonistically to regulate floral initiation in tobacco. The Plant Journal 72 (6) 908–921.  DOI

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Twyman RM, Jones EA (1997) Sequences in the proximal 5' flanking region of the rat neuron-specific enolase (NSE) gene are sufficient for cell type-specific reporter gene expression. Journal of Molecular Neuroscience 8 (1) 63–73.  DOI