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Scientific Writing

At Twyman Research Management Ltd, we work closely with authors and publishers to ensure that scientific and technical manuscripts are prepared to the highest standards. Our level of input varies from case to case and is determined by the needs of the client. At the simplest level we offer a proofreading service for final draft manuscripts. This involves checking the text for accuracy, consistency, correct English usage and style. We then format the manuscript as required for the target journal. For manuscripts at earlier stages of development we offer a deeper editing service that includes suggestions to improve clarity, organization and presentation. All work is carried out in close consultation with the authors.

 Scientific writing services 

We work with authors and publishers on any type of scientific manuscript, including original research papers, review articles, short magazine articles, text for web sites, conference proceedings, grant applications, business and strategic development plans, market studies, patent applications, technical literature, book chapters and entire books. We are highly flexible, so if you have a project that does not fit into any of the above categories, we may still be able to help!

 Customer profile

Everyone needing to prepare scientific or technical manuscripts could benefit from our scientific writing services, but we find that most of our clients fall into the following groups:











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Researchers whose first language is not English, and who may therefore require professional assistance with their manuscripts to ensure clarity of presentation.


Managers and group leaders with large numbers of manuscripts passing through their departments, who do not have the time to attend to the details


Academic and commercial organizations needing help in the preparation of manuscripts, product literature or the text for web sites.


Publishers requiring expert assistance with the preparation of books and book chapters, and editing for stylistic consistency.

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